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The Magic Kingdom
Where else but the Magic Kingdom can you escape to a world of some of the most beloved animated characters come to life, and a fantasy world of princes and princesses, kings and queens, heroes and villains? Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida is the king of theme parks, and draws more visitors each year than any other theme park in the country. Well known across the planet as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” the Magic Kingdom covers 107 acres and is home to seven areas, or “themed lands” along with dozens of other attractions for people of all ages. For decades, The Magic Kingdom has been known as a safe, clean environment for families to enjoy quality time together. It’s a place for everyone, young and old, to journey to a fantasy land of the past and future where you can hurtle through space to unknown lands, sail on magic carpets or ride a train through an Old West mining town. No trip to Disney World is complete without visiting the Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Address and Phone Number
Magic Kingdom
311 World Drive
Bay Lake, FL 32830
(407) 824-2222

Magic Kingdom Rides and Attractions
is divided into seven distinct areas, or “lands,” arranged like the spokes of a wheel, with all of them meeting at the top of Main Street USA, right in front of the Cinderella Castle. Pathways lead visitors from the hub of the wheel to the various lands. Main Street USA was inspired by Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri. This recreation of early 20th century small-town life includes an old-style barbershop, town hall, fire station and quaint shops. You can travel along Main Street in a horse drawn trolley, have your picture taken behind some wonderful character cut-outs, or sometimes with a Dwarf or two, who can usually be seen running about.

Inside Cinderella’s Castle is the main entrance to Fantasyland, a fairytale experience of princes and princesses, pixies, Fairy Godmothers and even Peter Pan. The interior of the castle has a spectacular display of colorful murals made of Italian glass, silver and 14 karat gold pieces. Fantasyland is the quintessential place for the child in all of us. Right off the bridge from Cinderella Castle is Liberty Square, which pays tribute to the nation’s colonial heritage and is home to the Hall of Presidents. You can also ride the Liberty Belle Riverboat around the Rivers of America at Liberty Square, see a replica of The Liberty Bell and lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern. This also where you’ll find the Haunted Mansion, a eight minute ride of thrills on a Doom Buggy through a myriad of special effects amid mournful howling and ghostly gags.

If you cross the bridge to the left off Main Street USA, you are transported to an exotic land of jungles, wild animals, pirates and a Middle Eastern bazaar. This is Adventureland, an idyllic paradise of lush landscaping depicting the South Seas, Caribbean and Africa. Explore shops such as the House of Treasures, Tiki Tropics and Bwana Bob’s and experience some of The Magic Kingdom’s most famous attractions including the Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Frontierland in The Magic Kingdom has all the excitement of the Old West and includes Splash Mountain and the thrills of the roller coaster called Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Here you cross the Rivers of America to find Tom Sawyer’s Island, or dine at the Pecos Bill Café after viewing the old-fashioned hoe down fun of the Country Bear Jamboree. The shops at Frontierland offer Old West themed souvenirs. From the Old West to the land of the future, Tomorrowland was newly renovated and opened in 1995 and billed as the “Future That Never Was.” It features a futuristic city where you can battle aliens at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin or hurtle through the universe on one of the most popular thrill rides at the park – Space Mountain.

The smallest of the seven lands at The Magic Kingdom is Mickey’s Toontown Fair, which is also the place to meet Mickey, Minnie and other Disney characters at the Hall of Fame. Geared especially towards young children, there is a small roller coaster at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm and a play area in Donald’s Boat.

Magic Kingdom History
The Magic Kingdom first opened its’ gates to the public in 1971, and has remained the “King of Theme Parks,” for more than three decades. Walt Disney searched the East Coast for the perfect location for this second theme park, and eventually decided on Orlando. In 1964, he began purchasing large quantities of land in and around the area, and in 1965 he announced that he would be building the world’s most spectacular theme park, fashioned after Disneyland in California. Walt Disney passed away in 1966 and so was never able to see his dream come to life, but today The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World continues to draw more visitors than any other theme park in the world.

Magic Kingdom Park Map (click on map for larger view)



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